Interface ExtensionProvidedWebSocketMessageEditor

public interface ExtensionProvidedWebSocketMessageEditor
Extensions that register an WebSocketMessageEditorProvider must return an instance of this interface.
Burp will then use that instance to create custom tabs within its Web Socket message editor.
  • Method Details

    • getMessage

      ByteArray getMessage()
      The current message set in the editor as an instance of ByteArray
    • setMessage

      void setMessage(WebSocketMessage message)
      Sets the provided WebSocketMessage within the editor component.
      message - The message to set in the editor.
    • isEnabledFor

      boolean isEnabledFor(WebSocketMessage message)
      A check to determine if the Web Socket editor is enabled for a specific WebSocketMessage message
      message - The WebSocketMessage to check.
      True if the Web Socket message editor is enabled for the provided message.
    • caption

      String caption()
      The caption located in the message editor tab header.
    • uiComponent

      Component uiComponent()
      The component that is rendered within the message editor tab.
    • selectedData

      Selection selectedData()
      The method should return null if no data has been selected.
      The data that is currently selected by the user.
    • isModified

      boolean isModified()
      True if the user has modified the current message within the editor.