Interface ExtensionProvidedEditor

All Known Subinterfaces:
ExtensionProvidedHttpRequestEditor, ExtensionProvidedHttpResponseEditor

public interface ExtensionProvidedEditor
Provides the shared behaviour between the different extension provided editor types.
  • Method Details

    • setRequestResponse

      void setRequestResponse(HttpRequestResponse requestResponse)
      Sets the provided HttpRequestResponse object within the editor component.
      requestResponse - The request and response to set in the editor.
    • isEnabledFor

      boolean isEnabledFor(HttpRequestResponse requestResponse)
      A check to determine if the HTTP message editor is enabled for a specific HttpRequestResponse
      requestResponse - The HttpRequestResponse to check.
      True if the HTTP message editor is enabled for the provided request and response.
    • caption

      String caption()
      The caption located in the message editor tab header.
    • uiComponent

      Component uiComponent()
      The component that is rendered within the message editor tab.
    • selectedData

      Selection selectedData()
      The method should return null if no data has been selected.
      The data that is currently selected by the user.
    • isModified

      boolean isModified()
      True if the user has modified the current message within the editor.