Interface WebSocketMessageEditor

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public interface WebSocketMessageEditor extends Editor
Provides extensions with an instance of Burp Suite's WebSocket message editor to use in their own user interface.
  • Method Details

    • getContents

      ByteArray getContents()
      The contents of the message editor.
    • setContents

      void setContents(ByteArray contents)
      This method can be used to set content within the message editor programmatically
      contents - The content to set in the message editor.
    • setSearchExpression

      void setSearchExpression(String expression)
      Update the search expression that is shown in the search bar below the editor.
      Specified by:
      setSearchExpression in interface Editor
      expression - The search expression.
    • isModified

      boolean isModified()
      Specified by:
      isModified in interface Editor
      True if the user has modified the contents of the editor since the last time the content was set programmatically.
    • caretPosition

      int caretPosition()
      Specified by:
      caretPosition in interface Editor
      The index of the position for the carat within the current message editor.
    • selection

      Optional<Selection> selection()
      This will return Optional.empty() if the user has not made a selection.
      Specified by:
      selection in interface Editor
      An Optional containing the users current selection in the editor.
    • uiComponent

      Component uiComponent()
      Specified by:
      uiComponent in interface Editor
      UI component of the editor, for extensions to add to their own UI.