Interface WebSocketEditorEvent

All Superinterfaces:
ComponentEvent, ToolSource

public interface WebSocketEditorEvent extends ComponentEvent, ToolSource
  • Method Details

    • getContents

      ByteArray getContents()
      The contents of the message editor.
    • setContents

      void setContents(ByteArray contents)
      This method can be used to set the content within the message editor programmatically. If the editor is read only the contents will not be updated.
      contents - The content to set in the message editor.
    • webSocketMessage

      WebSocketMessage webSocketMessage()
      the WebSocket message used to populate the editor.
    • isReadOnly

      boolean isReadOnly()
      if the editor is read only.
    • selectionOffsets

      Optional<Range> selectionOffsets()
      This will return Optional.empty() if the user has not made a selection.
      An Optional range of indices that indicates the position of the users current selection.
    • caretPosition

      int caretPosition()
      The index of the position for the carat within the current message editor.