Interface AuditInsertionPointProvider

public interface AuditInsertionPointProvider
Extensions can implement this interface and then call Scanner.registerInsertionPointProvider(AuditInsertionPointProvider) to register a provider for custom audit insertion points.
  • Method Details

    • provideInsertionPoints

      List<AuditInsertionPoint> provideInsertionPoints(HttpRequestResponse baseHttpRequestResponse)
      The Scanner invokes this method when a request is actively audited. The provider should provide a list of custom insertion points that will be used in the audit. Note: these insertion points are used in addition to those that are derived from Burp Scanner's configuration, and those provided by any other Burp extensions.
      baseHttpRequestResponse - The base HttpRequestResponse that will be actively audited.
      A list of AuditInsertionPoint objects that should be used in the audit, or null if no custom insertion points are applicable for this request.