Interface Cookie

public interface Cookie
Burp cookie able to retrieve and hold details about a cookie.
  • Method Details

    • name

      String name()
      The name of the cookie
    • value

      String value()
      The value of the cookie.
    • domain

      String domain()
      Domain for which the cookie is in scope.
      Note: For cookies that have been obtained from generated responses (by calling HttpResponse.httpResponse() and then HttpResponse.cookies()), the domain will be null if the response did not explicitly set a domain attribute for the cookie.
      The domain for which the cookie is in scope.
    • path

      String path()
      Path for which the cookie is in scope.
      The path for which the cookie is in scope or null if none is set.
    • expiration

      Optional<ZonedDateTime> expiration()
      Expiration time for the cookie if available.
      The expiration time for the cookie (i.e., for non-persistent session cookies).